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Trusting your instinct, trusting your child

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New! Positive Discipline Course


Oh my goodness, you have a baby! Congratulations…and now what?!

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Oh wow! The time when feelings and frustrations feel BIG – yours and theirs!

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You made it through the first year, take a breath and a bow! So what happens now?!

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Who are you anyway? Has parenthood changed you..just a tiny bit or TOTALLY?!

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What IS Attachment Parenting?

Attachment Parenting is about:

Building strong bonds by responding in a timely & sensitive way

Modelling behaviour & connecting with respect & empathy

Relationship quality built on physical & emotional closeness

Feeling your way with trust in your instinct and compassion for yourself

“I am passionate about supporting parents in nurturing their attachment to their child – it takes consciousness to keep strengthening the bond while trusting it will serve us in ways we can’t yet know. I’m so excited to welcome you to our loving community – let’s grow together!”
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Our Contribution

Love Parenting Project

Love Parenting ProjectPay-it forward coaching support for dads and mums means you can nominate a friend or yourself for 3 free coaching sessions…because we know how challenging parenting and finances can often be.

Click here for more information on submitting a nomination to our APUK In-house Coach.

Rockin’ Baby

Rockin' BabyWe like to give and to help which is why we love Rockin’ Baby’s Mother to Mother mission. When the ‘Mother to Mother project started’ in 2011 they wanted to make a real difference in the world and with your help they can!

Click here for more information about the Mother to Mother project in Haiti and Kenya.

Attachment Parenting Knowledge Base

Building Our Community

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Our constantly growing 16,000+-strong Facebook community is highly active with a combination of educational, observational, humorous and scientific articles – we love the fact that discussion is invariably respectful, helpful and thought-provoking. We receive questions daily which we willingly post anonymously onto the main wall for instant peer support. If youíre looking for suggestions, empathy or shared experience then just send us a Personal Message to our page and weíll make sure your enquiry is opened up to the wealth of compassion, wisdom and advice which exists within this unique community.