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Make Friends For Life

  • Train in something new to you and your family life
  • Make new friends with shared interests
  • Further your skills/vocation in the field of parenting
  • Get ongoing support from the UKs leading AP support organisation
  • Become part of an amazing network of facilitators nationwide

What is an APUK group and can you create one?

Are you passionate about attachment parenting? Would you love to share your knowledge and support other parents? Why not set up your own affiliated APUK group, whether you’re starting from scratch or already up and running.

You’ll receive training, ongoing support and an exclusive start-up pack to get your group going or help it thrive. If you’d like to join our rapidly growing community we’d love to hear from you!

An APUK group is:

  • An informal, supportive space for parents to meet and discuss their experiences and share ideas
  • A place where privacy and confidentiality are respected, where everyone is welcome and can talk openly
  • A circle of friends. Somewhere to talk, laugh, cry, feel inspired, discover new perspectives and find support and fellowship
  • A source of information; books, leaflets and magazines
  • A place to consult & learn new skills in babywearing or breastfeeding




A one-off payment of £200 to cover materials and training, which you can pay as a collective or in instalments if you need to – we want everyone to have the opportunity to be a Group Facilitator, so please let us know what works for you. Co-facilitators often share this start-up cost. Some facilitators raise this from sponsorship from friends, family or local businesses – a great way to build awareness and mutually beneficial relationships. There are no annual affiliation fees.

You may ask for a non-obligatory donation from attendees at each meeting to cover venue, promotion, library, administrative costs etc. This is usually around £2 per family. We state ‘non-obligatory’ so as not to exclude people for economic reasons – access to support and information might be invaluable to a family and APUK seeks to be as inclusive as possible. The APUK Group Handbook for Group Facilitators offers ideas for fundraising and money management for your group.

The pack features 2 different slings (tbc), 4 books, 4 Juno magazines, 1 Cheeky Wipes Kit, Baby-signing booklet, APUK leaflets and various other resources. Plus the Positive Discipline eCourse for up to 4 co-facilitators (worth £396!) plus other goodies to be confirmed. The image above is a variation on what the next set of packs will look like!

Your responsibilities as a Group Facilitator can include: planning monthly meetings and choosing discussion topics; promoting your group on a local level and via social networking; supporting other parents on a one-to-one level via email or phone along with admin tasks such as managing Group finances. You may also choose to create and manage a book and sling library.

You are welcome to apply at any time although availability may fluctuate a little throughout the year as we source content for the packs. We generally have a maximum of 40 Group Start-Up Packs per year. If you want to start a group but aren’t yet ready or have a question just email us at:

Absolutely! We encourage you to consider setting up a group with a friend or another parent you know to share tasks and ideas.

You’ll receive an APUK-accredited diploma and access to discounted training opportunities – becoming a Group Facilitator is a fantastic way to enhance your skills if you’re considering a new career. Along with transferrable skills and experience of running a group, you’ll also get:

  • Online training and a diploma in ‘Positive Discipline’ with the School of Attachment Parenting UK (3 Facilitators per group)
  • Discounted training opportunities from national organisations supporting attachment parenting, including the School of Babywearing, BabyCalm,ToddlerCalm and St John Ambulance

Affiliation with APUK also means we encourage you to study the APUK Facilitation Skills document and read the suggested material on Non-Violent Communication. We also believe facilitation skills come with practice!

Along with training and a Start Up Pack worth over £400, APUK supports its facilitators by providing free Attachment Parenting literature for each group’s use, as well as handouts to be used at group meetings as a resource for specific topics. You’ll also have access to an exclusive Facebook discussion and resource hub for APUK Group Facilitators, as well as promotion on the hugely popular APUK Facebook page. To help promote and grow your group, you’ll be supplied with your own unique webpage on the APUK website, and we’ll refer any new enquiries from your area to your group. Group Facilitators will also ongoing access to discounted slings and books for APUK libraries as well as exclusive promotions, competitions and discounts.

We have discovered that parents with little ones prefer not to travel far so we are happy to have groups within 10-15 miles of each other (especially in higher population areas). Neighbouring groups can also share resources and collaborate together for the benefit of everyone. If you’d like to start a group and there is one locally, you might want to offer your support to them as a co-facilitator. Alternatively, ask them how they’d feel if you started a group near by and you can discuss ways to work together while supporting as many families as possible.

Given that all parents are responsible for their own children at meetings there is no legal basis on which to ask for DBS checks of facilitators. With insurances we always suggest you check that a venue holds it’s own Public Liability Insurance (they usually do). For facilitators with consultancy-level babywearing or breastfeeding training and an active sling library they may want to consider insurance. We can point you in the right direction for this with specific companies who now recognise these skills.

Huge thanks to our amazing sponsors