Soul Birthing – Healing our Birth Experience by Lynne Thorsen

“Babies remember Birth! Now Science confirms that infants are social beings who can form close relationships, express themselves forcefully, exhibit preferences, and begin influencing people from the start.

David B Chamberlain[1]

The primal time of conception, gestation, birth and early childhood is our first or SOURCE experience on earth and hugely impactful on the life we go on to lead! Our first breath is the catalyst for our physical metamorphosis from a water mammal to an air-breathing mammal. At birth we separate from the only body we have known and become an individual. This is our initial experience of change and our re-emergence into the physical world of sensation and feelings. For thousands of years, we have conceived, gestated and welcomed babies into a consciousness dominated by ignorance, fear, pain and struggle. For many of us the shock of this causes us to shut down and never fully come into our physical bodies. We breathe shallowly fearing the shock and pain that taking a full breath evokes in our subconscious memory. We disconnect from our innate wisdom and the energetic universal consciousness leaving us in chaos and confusion. We take that resonance into our lives and create our reality from that basis until such time as we choose to reveal and release our programmed life-diminishing beliefs.

We all share the universality of the birth experience and the individuation of our own birth stories!

For centuries we have believed that the baby is not conscious in the womb or during birth and we therefore, deny its true impact. As a result, babies have suffered wide-ranging types of abuse during birth; Drugs, forceps, loud noises, cold, slapped, hung by their feet, invasive medical procedures, circumcision, and of huge significance, being separated from their mother. We have noticed that when the subject of birth arises, most people, switch off, denying the potency of its influence simply because they ‘don’t remember’.

The manner in which we were conceived, gestated and born is the Source Experience of our first perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, and decisions, in other words, the ‘reality’ that we began life with. We then see the world through a filter of predetermined beliefs and expectations. There are many clues as to the basis of your hidden operating program in your earliest experiences and the consciousness of your parents.

[1] Babies remember Birth, David B Chamberlain, Phd, Pathways to Family Wellness, issue 44, 2014. (David B Chamberlain is a psychologist, author and editor who began using hypnotherapy in 1974 to discover and resolve traumas arising in the womb and at birth.)

What decisions did you make during your Source Experience?

My co-creator of Soul Birthing, Binnie A Dansby, created a list of the universally common negative beliefs that she uncovered during 20 years of working with clients at a deep level of consciousness. She calls them ‘The Negative Archetypals’ and they include decisions such as ‘I am alone and separate’, ‘There is no one here for me’, ‘There is not enough for me’, ‘I must have done something wrong’, ‘Physical Life hurts’, ‘I have to do it all by myself’. We hold these thoughts and beliefs deep in our subconscious and thus most of us fail to acknowledge their existence and subsequent impact. These negative thoughts can be subconsciously activated at anytime causing negative thinking and choices, undesirable patterns of behaviour, and an inability to connect to who we really are and why we are here!

One of the most prevalent of these beliefs and the basis of all Western thinking is the idea that the individual is fundamentally separate from other individuals, from the earth, from the sun, from everything that it perceives through its senses. However the universal, sacred truth, which is now supported by the theories of Quantum Physics; is that we are all connected at the sub atomic energetic construct of everything. In the same way as leaves are individual and yet connected to the whole eco system of the tree, we are individuated rather than separated. The closer each of us gets to our own essence, the closer we get to everyone else’s essence and the safer we are with our physical body and our physical universe! It is essential that we heal the shared archetypal thought ‘I am alone & separate’, by joining together in the consciousness of ‘I am connected in love to all that lives and breathes’![2]

Healing is an inside out process and occurs the moment you choose a love-based response rather than a fear based reaction. Birth holds the key to so much of our underlying belief system, our hidden operating system, that which all our future decisions, choices and behaviour are based on. By examining the Source Experience we each have had throughout conception, gestation, birth, and our early years, we can begin to understand and heal the negative decisions that we made during this primal phase. This in turn impacts our physiology, our individual beliefs & behaviour, and our societal beliefs & behaviour. Empowered change, emotional freedom, and manifesting your dreams all begin with this process.

It is imperative to understand that who you are is not any of your thoughts. Who you are is the one who chooses what to think and the one who chooses how to use your energy. You can choose to create new life-enhancing thoughts to replace any that are life diminishing. Take this opportunity to expand your awareness and make up your own mind: again!

This is your true power! This is where transformation begins!

There are many wonderful ways to create self-healing and in my experience, healing your birth experience is the fastest and most effective. It takes you right back to the source of all your pain, to the source of all your negative thought patterns. It is like removing the first book in a huge stack of books, once the first has been removed, the rest come tumbling down. We cannot change the circumstances of our birth, however we can change how we think and feel about it. We can transform those initial negative thoughts and feelings to new positive ones!

The greatest gift that you can give your family and the society you live in is your own personal transformation. So often people, especially parents, think that taking the time to focus on oneself is selfish whereas it is just the opposite. It allows you to parent yourself and your children from a place of wholeness. It encourages your authentic self to be present in all your interactions and relationships. It ensures that you have the ability to respond from the heart with love rather than fear. Your children will benefit by being immersed in unconditional love, developed by programs of intimacy & innocence and born into joy, peace, love and connection.

It is never too late to have an ideal birth!


You are the master of your own destiny!

You always have the power to make another choice!

You deserve to give your soul another chance to birth into connection, joy and love!

[2] Archetypal Affirmations, Source Process & Breathwork, Binnie A Dansby.

Healing my birth experience

Starting my own family was the catalyst that activated my deeply held feelings of guilt that I later discovered had been put in place during my own gestation and birth. I recognised that motherhood made me feel guilty, however I was unaware of the broader consequences of this guilt as it insidiously affected my thoughts and behaviour. Guilt is a fear based emotion and expresses itself in one of two ways; we either judge ourselves to be wrong and live in victim consciousness while we atone for our mistakes or we project our guilt onto others and try to prove our innocence by making others wrong. This is what I did and that impacted all of my relationships as I justified my anger and tried to make it all someone else’s fault. During my healing journey that included; powerful conscious breathing techniques, deep exploratory processes and the use of Archetypal affirmations, I became aware of my guilt and its consequences. Although I could not change the past, I could change how I felt about it and I could release these deeply held fears, which then allowed me to move forward with an open heart full of love. The result was that all my relationships transformed, especially with my children, partner and mother.

Soul Birthing is a series of online healing programs that I created with Binnie A Dansby to provide a healing journey that reflected my own amazing process and is accessible to everyone. The results are fast, sustainable and completely liberating.

“The Soul Birthing program, ‘Creating Choice’, has helped me address and release long held limiting patterns of behaviour and realise my inner qualities. I feel I know myself better and can access my inner resources and strength. I can’t wait to start level two!”                                                                                             Heidi M

You can access all the information on the Soul Birthing programs at our website, or connect with us on Facebook or twitter. We offer a Complimentary 20 minute introductory chat to answer all your questions or concerns.


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 Lynne Thorsen

Lynne Thorsen

About the Author

Lynne Thorsen is a holistic healer, published author, and workshop facilitator whose true purpose is to teach and help others discover the vibrational power of love and connection. Lynne believes that the primal time of conception, gestation, birth and early childhood are crucial to the development of a healthy mind, body and spirit. She has experienced her own healing journey and decided she wanted to share the joy of lasting personal transformation with as many people as possible. She has documented her transformative journey in three of the internationally best selling Adventures in Manifesting Series, by Älska Publishing.

She created Soul Birthing in conjunction with her teacher, mentor, and close friend, Binnie A Dansby so that everyone could have access to highly effective healing programs that reveal and release the negative decisions, thoughts and memories created during their Source Experiences of life. Binnie is the creator of Source Process & Breathwork, whose philosophy and processes have been incorporated into many of the Soul Birthing programs. Connect with Lynne & Binnie through their websites, Facebook or Twitter.

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