Feeding & Nutrition

Feeding & Nutrition

Feeding with Love & Respect at All Ages

Attachment Parenting is often associated with breastfeeding. Those mothers who wish to breastfeed but for whom nature or circumstances have not cooperated should not feel excluded in their ability to develop a lasting bond with their child. While the evidence for breastfeeding is compelling there are many ways a bottle-feeding mother can replicate the advantages of breastfeeding behaviour by practicing ‘bottle nursing’.

Teach Kids To Forage For Their Own Wild Snacks

Snacks can play an important role in managing a child’s hunger and in boosting their nutrition. A well-timed snack can not only manage hunger but provide a much-needed energy boost between meals. Yet many parents and children tired grow tired of the same old things like bread sticks and raisins or highly priced punnets of fruit, flown hundreds of miles, covered in plastic and probably sprayed with pesticides. Alternative healthy snacks can be right under your nose and what’s more are seasonal, fresh, nutritious, diverse and completely free.

What IS baby-led weaning, really?

Most people nowadays have heard of baby-led weaning. It’s that thing where you let your six-month-old loose with spaghetti and meatballs, there’s a huge mess, and anxious relatives worry that he’s not eating enough or that he might choke! Well, yes, but that’s only part of the story. So what’s it really all about? Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett take a look at what is – and what isn’t BLW.