Pregnancy & Birth

Pregnancy & Birth

A Guide to Ecstatic Birth

For many people putting the words Ecstatic and Birth in the same sentence is tantamount to be sectioned for insanity. For hundreds even thousands of years we have been creating a birth culture and consciousness of FEAR, PAIN & STRUGGLE. This is propagated by media portrayals, reinforced by the authoritarian medical system and cultivated by global corporations profiting from current birthing practices. With each generation we get further away from the natural ecstatic experience that is the original birth right for parents and babies. We have been programmed to distrust our own anatomy and fear our innate power. As a result we have lost the knowledge and connection to the exquisite natural design that is the co-creative dance between mother and child throughout conception, gestation and birth. Parents are often left with seemingly little power or choice over this most sacred and life defining event.

Soul Birthing – Healing our Birth Experience

The primal time of conception, gestation, birth and early childhood is our first or SOURCE experience on earth and hugely impactful on the life we go on to lead! Our first breath is the catalyst for our physical metamorphosis from a water mammal to an air-breathing mammal. At birth we separate from the only body we have known and become an individual. This is our initial experience of change and our re-emergence into the physical world of sensation and feelings. For thousands of years, we have conceived, gestated and welcomed babies into a consciousness dominated by ignorance, fear, pain and struggle. For many of us the shock of this causes us to shut down and never fully come into our physical bodies. We breathe shallowly fearing the shock and pain that taking a full breath evokes in our subconscious memory. We disconnect from our innate wisdom and the energetic universal consciousness leaving us in chaos and confusion. We take that resonance into our lives and create our reality from that basis until such time as we choose to reveal and release our programmed life-diminishing beliefs.

Surviving Hyperemesis Gravidarum with a Toddler at Home

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is a severe complication of pregnancy in which women suffer extreme levels of nausea and vomiting and a host of other symptoms such as very heightened sense of smell, excessive saliva production, extreme fatigue and so on. The nausea and vomiting can cause dehydration and malnutrition and women are often rendered bed bound for weeks or even months on end due to the condition.

Positive Birth Movement

How can we change childbirth? This was a question that preoccupied me after my first daughter was born – a planned home birth that ended in a post-dates induction and forceps delivery.

Preparing your birth plan, preparing to meet your baby!

Birth is the most extraordinary experience and also the most unpredictable – it is a journey which transcends our expectations of what we are capable of. Preparation is so important, equally the letting go of feeling able to ‘control’ the outcome. The questions below are invitations for consideration which you may wish to research further or discuss with your healthcare professional to enable you to make decisions about your birth plan that you are comfortable with.