What About The Children? How To Make APUK Live! Possible

What About The Children? How To Make APUK Live! Possible

So you want to come to APUK Live! and be part of an extra-ordinary day? But you have a breastfeeding toddler and an older child, neither of whom fancies spending an entire day away from mummy.

Here are your options for the day:


Sleepy, snuggling babes-in-arms are very welcome in the auditorium – we can position you near the door in case you do need to pop out rather than weave your way to the front with an upset little one.

Our speakers are very experienced but we also need to support them to do the best they can do and because it’s a deep listening space we don’t feel it’s appropriate or fun for toddlers who want to ‘be in their nature’ and make noise and run about!

If you’re babywearing on the day you can also have a trained babywearing consultant give you a full on Sling Check for free!


We will be creating a nice space for babies, toddler and older children who come with a carer (uncle, grandma etc) so that mum or dad can enjoy the talks without the need to supervise or attend to the needs of others but we also highly recommend a visit to Oldbury Court Estate a few minutes walk away;

Oldbury Court has an exciting new destination play area centred on a water and sand play zone with a pirate play ship. There’s also a new café kiosk with terrace seating providing refreshments. Designed to be accessible for wheelchair users the play area includes an accessible roundabout, seesaw and nest seat swing amongst other equipment suitable for disabled children. There is also a variety of play equipment for toddlers including toddler swings, springy seesaw, springies, toddler spinner and embankment slide. Equipment for older children include a dramatic rock feature with rope bridge, a slingshot, dish spinner, swings and zip wire. The whole play area is fenced to be dog free and includes lots of natural play features including logs, boulders, a woodland den area, picnic tables and plenty of open grass to run around on.

Because the content of the talks is highly meaningful, what better way to relax into the content than knowing you can hang out with your children after every 75 minute speaker session during the breaks and at lunchtime.

The child/carer space will be on-site, seconds walk away from the exhibition space and auditorium. Due to regulations and maximum numbers we can’t invite all delegates, carers and children into the exhibition space at once, but carers can take time to browse the exhibition space while delegates hang out with their precious ones.

Free for children and their carers (access to play space and exhibition space only) – RESERVATION ESSENTIAL – email us to book at michelle@attachmentparenting.co.uk

School-age Children

The on-site Steiner kindergarden will be providing a lovely creche for children age 4-11 years. The youngsters will engage in craft and forest school activities, prepare food and have lunch and snacks included.

There will be 10-12 children per group and children will be in similar age groups with 2 trained Steiner staff caring for each group. This arrangement is for children you feel confident can happily spent time in such a setting and delegates can visit their little ones during the breaks and at lunchtime too.

£30 per child and £45 for siblings. RESERVATION ESSENTIALemail us to book at michelle@attachmentparenting.co.uk

Book today: www.attachmentparenting.co.uk/conference/



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