We are the UK’s leading attachment parenting organisation and the only affiliating body for nationwide APUK peer support groups. Our groups are run by trained facilitators and incorporate nappy, book and sling libraries. With 4 years experience as a non-profit organisation and a grateful recipient of a £10,000 Big Lottery award we have appeared on live morning TV, numerous BBC radio, broadsheet newspapers, parenting magazines, South Korean TV and at the Mumsnet Bumpfest.

APUK is on a mission to support families to love each other from a resourced, informed and respectful place. We want children to know that they are not alone and we advocate practices which support parens to be responsive and sensitive to their child’s needs.

We empower parents with:

Online Support / 1-to-1 Coaching / Positive Discipline Course / Affiliated Trained Support Groups Nationwide / Livetime Communication Support

We enable mums and dads to understand, empathise and grow ever-more confident in their instinctive, trusting relationship with their children and we run a globally accessed APUK-accredited course in Positive Discipline.

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“Bowlby proposed the idea that emotional bonding exists across time and space and was not simply dependent on who fed the baby but was based on the sensitive, responsive and loving behaviour of the primary carer towards the baby,” says Michelle Mattesini of Attachment Parenting UK.

Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland

Mattesini is quick to clarify: “I don’t think there is any parent who would wisely be looking for perfection. It would be entirely futile. There will be times when babies are crying and all you can do is be present and loving. It is about striving to meet needs.”

The Telegraph

Michelle McHale, Founding Director APUK

Michelle Mattesini is the mum of 2 girls aged 7 and 5 years and is the founding director of APUK, a writer and speaker. An experienced support group leader herself, Michelle trained with Attachment Parenting International and now manages the thriving APUK community nationwide. She is the creator of the upcoming School of Attachment Parenting offering an online e-course in Positive Discipline as well as a collaborator in the unique ‘Love Parenting Project’ offering pay-it-forward coaching to parents. A keynote speaker at the Mumsnet Bumpfest Conference she is an enthusiastic advocate of Attachment Parenting and self-care.

Happily described as a perfectly imperfect parent she is great at connecting people, making things happen and thinking big (which is how APUK came into being!). She loves a challenge and has learned not to sacrifice herself in the process. Connect with Michelle at APUK, on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

It feels so nice to be part of something bigger, to not only have like minded people in the local area but a whole network behind you, understanding and supporting you. I feel proud to be part of that.

Elise, APUK Gentle & Attachment Parenting Network, Scotland

From the moment I applied to be a group facilitator, Michelle has been extremely encouraging and supportive, making me feel welcomed instantly as part of the team. I feel that my passion, ideas and contributions are valued and find Michelle’s unwavering enthusiasm for APUK really motivating. She is endlessly positive, kind and sympathetic, and she is someone you can really put your faith in. I know how hard it is to ‘manage’ a disparate bunch of volunteers, but Michelle effortlessly binds us and we couldn’t ask for a better leader to keep pushing things forward and to make APUK bigger and better. I know her ambition and drive will keep us striving to be better year after year.

Jenna Catley-Richardson

“Michelle is the driving force behind APUK, fuelled by her passion to support parents and children alike. She is massively dedicated and has a sensitive and compassionate approach to helping mothers. As a public speaker Michelle is eloquent, engaging and highly informed and people can’t help but warm to her because she knows and has experienced the challenges and joys of parenting. I find her to be truly authentic, honest, lively and with a deeply loving nature.”

Michael Brown, in-house coach 

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